I designed and illustrated a poster, recipe cards & an apple tote bag that were printed and sold at Infinity Foods shop in Brighton to celebrate Apple Day. My designs were also easily scaled up for window vinyl used for promoting Infinity Foods new season of local apples through September 2017.


Apple Tote Bag
Recipe Cards

Large scale vinyl

I was asked to design a window vinyl for Infinity Foods Shop in Brighton.
Based on their core values, I started with two windows (one of which was a three panel window), the first two principles are “Organic” and “Workers co-operative”. As Infinity is a food shop I wanted to incorporate lots of the fresh, dried and chilled food as well as the bakery. It needed to be fun, eye catching and colourful.

Here are some more pictures of the final result!

The shop front before Christmas with the window vinyl

Fruit & Veg

Eat A Rainbow

Eat A Rainbow was a healthy food campaign for Infinity Foods Shop in Brighton.

Printed as large scale window banners on brown kraft paper in the windows and then re-scaled and used to highlight the health benefits of certain food in each colour band over a series of social media posts.

Eat A Rainbow
Eat a rainbow


honey bees

Part of some illustrations produced for Infinity Foods Shop as part of a window and online campaign about the decline in Bee populations. These illustrations are mixed media which could be used for both window display vinyl, print and on-line.


Under Water Dream

A personal project: Inspired by diving many years ago on the Great Barrier Reef in Australia along with the impact of global warming, I wanted to create an illustration about the ecosystem of the large to the micro organisms of the water.

Illustration – underwater